Little Hands Academy - "Where LITTLE hands become BIG treasures"

I can't tell you enough how much we love Little Hands Academy, and how grateful we are to have found you! Our little guy really enjoys going to school every day! :)  - Kate Mc Coy (Son Jackson, 10 months old)

Little Hands Academy,

We would like to sincerely thank all of of you for being so loving, kind and attentive with Jocelyn & Della.We knew this was the place we wanted them as soon as we toured with Angela. (xoxo) We got confirmation everyday that we made the right decision when we saw how Jocelyn's face would light up when she saw Miss Amanda, when she talked about her friends...esp Charlie! Della warmed up faster than we thought. She stopped giving people the stink eye and learned to dance! 

We have always felt great about leaving them in your hands when we were at work and on date nights (thanks!) We will miss you so much and we hope we can find a place in Minnesota that has teachers as passionate as you guys! Thanks for being our village! - Jacob, Lorinda, Jocelyn & Della Miller

A HUGE ThankYou to all the teachers. You have been a great part of Anum's life. We are very happy and pleased with all of your efforts in her growing up! You guys are AWESOME! We will miss you, especially Anum!
- Love, Lala, Syed, Ali & Anum

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